Parathyroid Surgery>Parathyroidectomy


Standard parathyroidectomy is performed through a short mid-line incision of about 5 to 8 cm. Parathyroidectomy involves looking at all four parathyroid glands and removing the enlarged gland or glands whilst leaving the normal glands behind. Parathyroidectomy can be a difficult operation, finding and identifing a diseased parathyroid gland is often hard and the experience of the surgeon is a considerable factor is the success of the operation.

In skilled hands expected parathyroidectomy success rate can be around 98 to 99%, inexperienced surgeons may have significantly less success at parathyroidectomy (70%). Oxford has a success rate at standard parathyroidectomy of 98.5%.

Potential complications from the operation are:- 1) Failure to find the disease parathyroid gland, 2) Low calcium levels following a successful operation, 3) Damage to the nerve that controls the voice.

Voice damage is often quoted at an incidence of 1:100 for this operation. In Oxford we only have 2 injuries in the past 700 patients